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Are you looking to build muscle without the cost? Alec and Tyler are here to teach you the best supplements for gaining muscle, weight loss, or to getting ripped while on a budget.
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Hey Everyone and welcome! It is August 2019 and this is Brain Gainz! The show brought to you live from the headquarters of! My name is Tyler and this is my good friend Alec!

Don’t forget, this is an open format show meaning if you have a question about something we say or talk about feel free to post it in chat. If you missed us live and still have a question, send us an email at [email protected]

| Supplements on a Budget |
• Good
o Protein
o Creatine
o Pre-Workout
• Better
o Fish Oil
o Multi Vitamin
• Best (Plug email)
 Beta hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate
o PeakATP

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| New Flavors |
► BSN Syntha-6 Cold Stone Creamery Series:
► ON Gold Standard 100% Isolate:

| Brain Gainz Hosts |
Alec Heersink – Senior Specialist, Regulatory Compliance
• Compliance
• Product Testing Specialist
• Active Bodybuilding Competitor
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Tyler McGlasson, MK – Senior Specialist, Regulatory Compliance & Science
• Compliance and Science
• Claim Substantiation
• Ingredient Research