Best Home Ab Exercise Ever! (NOT PLANKS)

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When it comes to the best home ab exercise, the discussion has to start with what the true function of the abs really are. While some think the answer is planks and that the main role of the abdominal muscles is to crunch, it’s actually quite opposite in function. The abs primary responsibility is to stabilize and protect the spine while funneling power transfer up and down the kinetic chain without loss of power.

That said, it is the anti-rotational and anti-extension function of the ab muscles that needs to get trained if you want to get the strongest and most developed abs possible. In this video, I show you the best home abs exercise that you can do to accomplish both goals. While some may think that planks are the best choice, they aren’t quite right. While planks definitely train anti-extension of the spine they don’t do so in a challenging enough way to make a difference in most experienced lifters.

In order to really work the abs you have to up the difficulty of the ab exercise a bit more. Enter the ab wheel rollouts. The ab rollouts are a great way to challenge even the most veteran gym goer. That is, if you do this exercise correct. Far too many people will break out the ab roller and proceed to do this killer ab exercise incorrectly. It can quickly become a back killer if you don’t do it with correct form.

To perform this home ab exercise king properly you need to:

1. Position the ab wheel directly beneath your shoulders.
2. Contract your glutes to establish a posterior pelvic tilt. You should hold this throughout the exercise.
3. Start by moving the wheel and the hips out together. Do not move just the arms.
4. When the torso is in one straight line, then move the arms only as far out as you can.

Return the wheel back to the start by performing a straight arm pulldown motion with your arms while never letting up on the tension in the core.

This home ab exercise when performed correctly is an incredible way to build impressive strength in your abs and core and help you get a strong six pack, provided your nutrition is where it needs to be. If you’re looking for a complete home workout program that gives you the meal plans needed to get your abs ripped and showing year round, then head to and get the bodyweight only ATHLEAN Xero program.

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