Best 6 Pack Abs Workout Tip (FEEL IT INSTANTLY!)

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6 pack abs are a quick indication of one’s level of body fat, and an instant attention grabber when they are not only carved up but muscular as well. In this video, I’m going to show you the best 6 pack abs workout tip that you can start incorporating right away to begin making your ab workouts much more effective.

Before even putting the tip into action using different ab exercises, first start by just sitting down and practicing the movement. While seated, contract your abs and notice how tight they feel. Now, make just one change and cross your legs over each other. Pull your knees together to activate the adductor muscles on the insides of your thighs and contract again. Do you notice a much more intense and stronger contraction of your abs? You should and it is because your anatomy gives you this ability that we often overlook.

The rectus abdominis muscle attaches to the pelvis from the top down, while the adductor muscles attach to the pelvis from the bottom up. Without stabilization of the pelvis from below, the contraction of the abs and resulting pull on the pelvis is often met with less tension than it would be had the pelvis been stabilized from the other side as well. By simply activating the adductors and squeezing the knees together you would have stabilized the base of support and provided a much harder abs contraction with every rep.

This is easy to implement since you really don’t even need a towel, as I show you in the video. You can just simply squeeze your knees together to activate the muscles and keep them like that as you perform every rep of your 6 pack abs workouts. The towel acts as a visual reinforcement for you since if you aren’t squeezing hard enough, it will drop to the floor.

This tip can be used on virtually every ab exercise (except for those that require you to separate your legs apart like a scissor for example). Here I show you how to apply this to a hanging leg raise, a 90 degree ab crunch, and a seated abs knee tuck. You may find that you do fewer reps because of incorporating this tip but that is not a problem. When it comes to getting 6 pack abs the quality of the reps will always trump the quantity.

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