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The best bicep workouts are the ones that challenge you the most. Try this 15 minute balloon method bicep workout for mass from Troy Adashun . It will maximize the 3 scientific muscle building triggers.
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The end result is bigger biceps from each and every single workout. This bicep workouts starts off with 2 sets of a pre fatigue bicep technique. The goal of this is to get a nasty pump and increase your blood flow so you have a better “mind-muscle” connection during your heavy working sets.

The first exercise is the bicep mass builder of the workout and is pretty much a standard barbell curl with a major emphasis on the “swoop” motion and going full range of motion by lifting your elbows and bringing the bar all the way to your forehead.

The second exercise utilizes a technique of “leaning forward” and bringing the elbows in front to maximize the short head activation.

The last and final exercise is an intense metabolic stress finisher that will maximize your time under tension and hit all 3 sections of the bicep anatomy – long head biceps for taller biceps, short head biceps for wider biceps, and brachiallis for thicker looking arms.

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