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Ever wonder what it looks like behind the scenes of an ATHLEAN-X video shoot? If so, you don’t have to wonder any more. I’m taking you on the other side of the camera to see how it goes down when I’m putting together my workout videos for you here on youtube. From the planning of new exercises and training phases to the progressions of them within a workout, I’m giving you a glimpse of how it gets done.

Bringing in one of our athlean-xx for women trainers, Melissa, to show you what we work on for the videos we put up on the women’s channel. If you weren’t already a subscriber to that channel, you will want to be (even if you are a guy!). We have awesome workouts being published there every week that can challenge even the toughest of men. Subscribe to the channel here at

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In this particular behind the scenes workout video, I show you two explosive leg exercises that are imperative for any hard training athlete or non athlete just looking to build their strongest legs ever. The split squat lateral jumps and single leg bridge plyos are two amazing exercises for building ripped athletic legs.

It’s exercises like this that the ATHLEAN-X program is known for. The level of science and planning that go into an A-X workout are second to none and account for the major differences seen by those doing other programs that make the switch to A-X. If you are looking for a complete workout program exactly like those being used by today’ top professional athletes, then head to and get your ATHLEAN-X Training System.

Burn fat and build muscle at the same time by training the way your body is meant to be trained.

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