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Done laughing? OK, now it’s time to get to business. Make insane changes in the next 90 days with the ATHLEAN-X program here –

As a coach and physical therapist for professional athletes, I definitely developed some thick skin! As I always say, hide your weaknesses well because if you don’t, you’ll be reminded of them daily. I love it though. I always say, if you can’t laugh at yourself you could be missing the best joke of the day.

In this video, I compiled just a few of the many (I mean many) bloopers from some of the more recent ATHLEAN-X video shoots. Whether if be on the set of AX1, AX2, NXT, or even from some of my training sessions themselves, I’ve pulled together some of the moments that make what I do so fun.

Sure, I take my job and the responsibility of being a coach more seriously than anyone else on youtube. That’s ok, I’m actually proud of that. At the end of the day, the workouts and exercises I deliver to you should stand out as the best of the bunch. That said, along the way I’m not always perfect in front of the camera. Take this blooper reel as case in point.

Members of TEAM ATHLEAN may even recognize themselves in some of these clips. How did they get in here? By having the dedication to follow one of my workout programs (available at ) and get the outstanding results that I know they were capable of all along. They busted their butts and worked so hard that I rewarded them for their effort and invited them to appear in our video shoots.

Who knew that my screw ups would lead to them appearing in the blooper reel as well?!?

If you want to start seeing incredible results while learning from a serious coach that takes my job seriously without taking myself too seriously, then I invite you to join me on TEAM ATHLEAN. You can get any one of our programs at and get started on your 90 day transformation today.

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