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Mobility is an important component of overall health and fitness, but it also gives you the opportunity to help you recover from other workouts.
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The goal of this workout is to loosen up and strengthen your joints, so you’ll get more out of each of the other routines in this program.

Even though this is your fourth workout in a row, this routine isn’t designed to kill you; it’s actually designed to help you feel better! So pace yourself, focus on quality with each rep, and only do as much as you can.

You’ll perform a circuit of eight mobility exercises of 30 seconds each for four total rounds. Each exercise works on mobility in a different part of the body, so by the end of the workout you’ll feel loosened up and energized.

You’re only going to see mobility on the daily calendar during this first phase, but if you’re feeling tight, this is a routine you can come back to throughout the program any time you need to loosen up.

| At-Home Mobility Workout |
Circuit: Rest 15 sec. between movements and rounds.

1. 3-Way Shoulder Raise: 4 sets, 30 sec
2. Side-to-Side Lunge: 4 sets, 30 sec
3. Scapular Retraction Plank: 4 sets, 30 sec
4. Iron Cross: 4 sets, 30 sec
5. Scorpion: 4 sets, 30 sec
6. World’s Greatest Stretch: 4 sets, 30 sec
7. Alternating Lateral Sprawl: 4 sets, 30 sec
8. Side Crawler: 4 sets, 30 sec

| MetaBurn90 with Scott Herman |
Metaburn90 is a complete 90-day fitness system to get you in best shape of your life, no matter if you train at a gym or at home. Created by trainer and YouTube fitness expert Scott Herman, the program includes 15 fun, intense full-body workouts to help you shredding fat, building muscular fitness, and totally transform your body with very little equipment needed. You also get a nutrition plan, exercise guides, and an exclusive app to help you track your progress along the way!

| Experience a Total Fitness Transformation |
Each time-based workout in MetaBurn90 crams a ton of work into a short amount of time. You’ll build muscle, improve mobility, and lose weight without sacrificing hours of your life in the gym. As the weeks progress, your muscles will get stronger, your metabolism will skyrocket, and you’ll prime your body for lasting health and fitness.

| Expert Coaching |
MetaBurn90 is a comprehensive program built entirely around follow-along video workouts. YouTube fitness expert Scott Herman and fellow top athletes Amber Dodzweit Riposta and Lee Constantinou provide guidance for all fitness levels, offer their tips for modifying exercises, and provide encouragement to help you every step of the way. Nobody gets left behind in MetaBurn90! If you commit to working hard alongside these coaches, you will succeed.

| Nutrition and Supplement Plan |
MetaBurn90 can get you in the best shape of your life even if you don’t change a thing you eat. But if you follow Scott’s time-proven nutrition plan for fat loss and body re-composition, you can achieve mind-blowing results in the mirror, powered by an athletic engine under the hood! Want to know what supplements to take to maximize workouts and recover between them? We’ve got you covered there as well.


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