Are YOU Fitter Than Jesse? (SURPRISE!)

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Everyone’s favorite athlean every man Jesse is back at it, partaking in the revised military combat fitness test to showcase his current level of fitness. Now, nobody every claimed that Jesse was the epitome of fitness. That said, he does have some emerging talents and a well rounded set of physical attributes that make him perform pretty darn well on this test.

It’s time to see where you stack up now. Take each of the following fitness tests and perform them within a two hour period to obtain your score. Jesse, to be fair, was asked to do all of this within 30 minutes for the purpose of speeding along the filming! That’s ok, he can take it. You on the other hand can have more time to more accurately represent the test as it was designed.

The first test is the hex bar deadlift. If you have never performed this version of the deadlift before then you will likely find out two things about it quickly. First, it is a little harder to get used to the balance of the bar simply because it is placing the weight closer to your center of gravity. Secondly, because the bar is closer to your posterior chain muscles and the moment arm is shortened, you should be able to lift slightly more weight here. The max score on this is one’s ability to perform 345 lbs for 3 reps.

Next is the Power Throw. This is performed with a 10 pound medicine ball that must be thrown backwards over the head without coming off the ground. The maximum distance to get a top score on this test is about 15 yards on the throw.

Next is the sprint, drag, carry. Here you will be simulating battlefield activities through the use of a weighted sled (90 lbs total weight), some kettlebells that weigh 40 pounds each, and your own body. The goal is to cross the finish line within one minute and forty seconds to obtain elite status.

Next is the hand release pushups. Now don’t be fooled by these. This exercise is much much harder than a typical hand release pushup. The lifting of the hands from the floor between every rep ensures that you don’t cheat the exercise. Instead, you have to reset the body and use pure muscle without momentum to get yourself off the floor every time. A maximum score can be achieved by performing 70 of these within 2 minutes.

Next is the tuck hang. This is a combination of a hands close pullup with a knee raise. The goal is to touch your knees to your elbows on every rep while pulling our body up towards the bar. If you can perform 20 in two minutes you will have reached elite status on this test.

Finally, the two mile run is a classic standard of conditioning. The best score is achieved by being able to run this distance within twelve minutes and forty-two seconds. Jesse happens to excel here since he has an extensive background of playing lacrosse. Ironically, there are some fitness youtubers that are extremely one dimensional and can likely not even run a mile let alone two and certainly not within any strict time period. Just saying.

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