Antonio Brown Workout (JACKED!!)

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Pittsburgh Steeler Pro Bowl wide receiver Antonio Brown prepares for a championship season with one of his intense workouts with Jeff Cavaliere. AB trains like an athlete with a push, pull, legs workout composed of strength, body control and explosiveness circuits. Watch as Jeff takes Antonio through each and even joins him at the end for a little head to head action.

Some of the key takeaways from this workout are first and foremost the work ethic that Antonio Brown displays even far away from the field. The story is well known how AB was overlooked on Draft Day and has had to let his hard work get him to the top of his position and in the NFL history books. He is intent on being the best and from watching his workout it is clear to see why he is confident he can.

It starts with a push circuit consisting of an incline dumbbell bench press. The weights should be kept heavier here (with AB working up to one hundred pound dumbbells for lower reps) and then immediately proceeding to a pushup. The difference in how Antonio does his pushups is that he focuses not on pushing into the ground to move his body but rather squeezing his body off the ground. The hands obviously cannot be brought together since they are grounded to the floor however the act of pushing inward to drive the body up has the ability to more heavily activate the chest.

As always, it is important for athletes that slow down the pace of movement with heavier weights to once again speed up and be explosive. That can be seen in the last two exercises of the giant circuit. The first of which is the speed dumbbell overhead press. Here the goal is to not just explosively push the dumbbells up overhead but also pull them down. Fatigue sets in quickly but the goal is to become more resilient to the burn and keep pushing for the specified time.

The last and most athletic of the circuit is the burpee ball pass. Here you are looking for total body quickness and agility. Can he be quick enough to throw the ball against the wall, pop back up and be in position ready to catch the ball on the rebound. He has to be fast and powerful in order to do it correctly.

The workout continues with an additional push circuit centered around the use of a sled. The sled allows for explosiveness that is unable to be achieved when using weights. The reason is, you get to push the sled away from the body rather than having to decelerate weight that remains in your hand. Here, Antonio Brown drives the sled away with every individual rep and does so as powerfully as possible.

From here, leg workout circuits and pull workout circuits are completed as well. In the final pull circuit, Antonio challenges ATHLEAN-X trainer Jeff Cavaliere to join him in the workout. The head to head motivation that comes from a trainer training along with his client is something that cannot be duplicated any other way and is often the impetus for hard, strong workouts.

The key to getting jacked from any workout is effort. That is something that Antonio Brown is never lacking. His ability to outwork, outhustle, and simply outperform the rest is what has gotten him to the top of the NFL and will keep him there until the Pittsburgh Steelers win a championship. If you are looking to train like an athlete yourself, use the same workouts used by Antonio by heading to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System.

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