Ankle Sprain Fix and Prevention (IMPROVES SQUAT TOO!)

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Build strong ankles and build ripped athletic muscle in 90 days

Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries suffered by athletes and non-athletes alike. The problem with them is that they not only recur more frequently than any other injury but they make it very hard to lift with proper form. Doing squats and deadlifts become especially difficult if you lack the range of motion and mobility needed in your ankle to get down low enough. If you lack the dorsiflexion needed in your ankle to do this properly, you wind up causing compensatory pain and injury in the knees or hips.

In this video, I show you three ways you can improve the mobility of your ankle using just a single x-treme band from ATHLEAN-X. You want to start by working on the easiest motion to restore and that is the talocrural joint movement. You can do this by anchoring a band behind your tibia, making sure to keep it higher up than your ankle. As you lean into a lunge, the pull of the band should pull your tibia forward and help improve the ability of the talus to move backwards and improve dorsiflexion.

You can take the focus a little bit lower and try to improve the motion of the subtalar joint as an alternative. To do this you would want to anchor the band in front of your ankle and low. You have to be sure that your band is crossing the talus and is not too high as to land on the tibia. Here you want to try and glide the talus backwards as you slide your calcaneus or heel forward. You can do this by trying to drive your heel into the ground as you lean forward into the lunge.

The final option is one that is incredibly effective for those who have sprained their ankle or suffer from recurring ankle sprains. When this happens, the fibular head is often the reason. It is almost always found that it has displaced forward which creates less room for the talus to move freely within the talocrural joint. It is literally jamming the space that once was there that allowed your ankle to move freely.

To fix this you want to place a band around your ankle and over the fibular head (the bump on the outside of your ankle that you can feel). You pull hard with the outside hand to help glide the head of the fibula backwards as you lean into the movement and create dorsiflexion. This is an important component move of the ankle that chronic ankle sprainers lose and it winds up causing them to be susceptible to additional sprained ankles in the future.

You can see that there are a lot of ways to go about fixing a sprained ankle by improving the mobility of the ankle. The best part about these drills is that they are not only fast to do but often produce immediate results by improving ankle range of motion and decreasing pain. Even if you have an acute ankle sprain, you may find that doing this gives you a lot more range in your ankle and allows you to move the joint with much less discomfort or restriction.

For a complete program that helps you to build a ripped athletic body by training like an athlete, be sure to head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System. Too many people approach their training too haphazardly to see significant injury free results. If you want to take your training to the next level, then you want to start taking your training seriously.

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