Advanced upper body workout routine ( chest, shoulders, triceps, core) Handstand

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Advanced Routine for Upper body and core, pushing muscles Shoulders, chest, triceps.

Also great for handstand conditioning.

Diamond push ups
15 to 25 repetitions 1 to 5 sets

Start by Making a diamond shape with your hands while standing in the ball of the feet, try going all the way down putting the upper part of your chest on that diamond shape figure, keep your elbows facing back.

Regular parallel dips
15 to 20 reps 1 to 5 sets

The idea is to hit the shoulders and the triceps muscles primary and chest secondary, keep your elbows facing back and flex to 90 degrees the extend back up.

V sits
10 to 20 reps 1 to 5 sets

Primary muscles, hip flexors and lower abs, then triceps and shoulders as supporting muscle groups, begin as parallel dips position then bring your legs straight up to a V position, try not to collapse at the elbow joint maintaining straight elbows at all times.

Tucked Handstand raises
10 reps 1 to 5sets

The idea is to work the lower body to improve the handstand control, start by holding as a parallel dips then raise your legs straight up but keeping a 90 degree bend at the elbow joint, this way you will avoid falling over, try 1 rep the eventually increase the repetitions when feeling confident.

Russian dips
10 to 15 reps 1 to 5 sets

This is and advance variation of the regular dips, here you will go down on your forearms when going down at the repetition, the body then will do a backwards motion, bring your legs up to stop that momentum, do the opposite bring your legs down to go forward and up.

Clapping Dips
10 reps 1 to 5 sets

This is an explosive move, involves coordination, explosiveness and strength
Is great do develop those areas, start as regular dip but then explode up until your able to do a clap and land back on the bars, avoid it if you feel pain or have an injury.

Handstand failure

The idea is to hold a handstand as long as you can, do this 4 times and try improving Everytime you hold.

Handstand push ups
10 reps 1 to 5 sets.

At this point is really hard to handstand push up due to the previous exercises, but you know give it a try.

Regular push ups
25 reps 1 to 5 sets.

Regular push ups are always good to finish your routine, is a natural movement so it will help a lot to hit those extra angles and get that chest completely depleted.

You don’t have to do all the sets or all the exercises, remember you can adapt to your own level.

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