ACROBATICS Tutorials with Cris Miro – INTERMEDIATE Collection

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Welcome to oneHOWTO Sports. We bring you this new video collection where our resident gymnastics trainer Cris Mironescu has prepared an intermediate level course which includes: the one handed front walkover, back bend to bridge, running side aerial and the elbow stand. If you wan to know the best way to do the one handed front walk over, how not to fall from an elbow stand, how to pivot with a running side aerial or back bend to bridge safely, we go through the step-by-step methods you will need to do so. Cris shows us why these acrobatic gymnastic moves are intermediate as they are a little trickier than some of the other gymnastic tutorials we have to offer. If you check i out and find you might want to start with something a little simpler, we have just thing thing. Here you can find our collection of basic acrobatics tutorials to ensure you ca get the basics right and move on to the intermediate classes in no time:

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