Abel Albonetti’s Ultimate Fat Burning Circuit Workout

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Get ready to burn fat and get in the best shape of your life. Try out this ultimate fat loss circuit workout from Abel Albonetti next time you want to adjust your training style.
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| Abel Albonetti’s Ultimate Fat Loss Circuit Workout |
Circuit 1. 4 rounds, 15-12 reps. Rest only for around 45 seconds.
1. Flat Machine Press
2. Pec Deck Fly
3. Incline Machine Press
4. High To Low Cable Fly
Circuit 2.
1. T-Bar Row
2. Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs
3. Seated Close Grip Cable Row
4. Rope Straight Arm Pull Downs
Circuit 3.
1. Standing Military Press
2. Dumbbell Side Raise
Circuit 4
1. Cable Curls
2. Rope Pushdowns
Circuit 5.
1. Dumbbell Kickbacks
2. Dumbbell Hammer Curls

| Cable Curls |
“I use slightly lower weight and do more reps to help pump as much blood into my arms as possible,” he explains. “I also don’t rest very long between these supersets, only 40 seconds or so. That keeps my arms pumped!”

Building muscle is all about striking a balance between heavy weight to stimulate muscle growth, and maintaining strict form to reap the full benefit of each exercise.

“It’s not always about lifting heavy,” explains Albonetti. “When you’re a bodybuilder or a physique competitor, as opposed to powerlifting, you lift to build muscle.”

His current arm routine is focused on building a well-rounded physique.

“To be honest, I think we’re all bodybuilders on some level,” says Albonetti, “and to build muscle, I learned to use weight I can control.”

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