Abel Albonetti’s 30-Day Back Program Overview

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Advanced muscle-building program from Abel Albonetti, focused on developing a bigger & stronger back. Commit to this protocol, and you’ll be in for some seriously hard work.
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Welcome to 30-Day Back with Abel Albonetti! Like his other 30-Day programs, this is an advanced muscle-building program with a laser focus: developing the complete musculature of your back. You’ll use barbells, dumbbells, body weight, and cables to work your back from every angle, targeting each individual muscle with just the right amount of volume and intensity to get serious growth on an ambitious timeline.
It’s not a full workout program, though. It’s meant to be combined with other workouts to create balanced programming. You can either combine it with the non-back training of another All Access program, fill in the gaps with dedicated body-part workouts, or do light full-body training in between 30-Day Back workouts, omitting the back exercises.

In short, there are many ways to grow on this plan! Here’s everything you need to know to make it work.

Over the next 30 days, you’ll do three hardcore back workouts a week, with at least one day in between to rest or hit other muscle groups. If you choose to build 30-Day Back into a full body-part split, Abel recommends this schedule:

Monday: 30-Day Back Workout 1
Tuesday: Chest and Triceps
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: 30-Day Back Workout 2 and Biceps
Friday: Shoulders
Saturday: 30-Day Back Workout 3
Sunday: Rest
Feel free to structure your workouts differently, as long as you don’t do two back days in a row. Whatever you do, remember that the back muscles are some of the biggest in the upper body, and if you’re working them hard 2-3 times a week, that needs to be your highest priority! If you’re benching and squatting big on “rest” days, you’ll have less gas for the back workouts, and your chances of finishing this program strong are slim. So build a program that prioritizes 30-Day Back to see the best results.

Also keep in mind that your back is involved in basically every other lift, some more than others. This might not be the best time for additional heavy deadlift training, which asks a lot from your back already. You’ll still get a good helping of deadlifts as part of this plan.

Work, Track, Grow!
The best way to experience 30-Day Back, and every other program in the Bodybuilding.com All Access lineup, is definitely with the All Access app. With a touch, you can watch exercise demos, track the weight you lift, time your rest periods, and do all the other little things that can make a big difference. If you haven’t downloaded the app for your iPhone or Android device yet, do it!



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