Abel Albonetti’s 30-Day Arms Program Overview

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Welcome to 30-Day Arms with Abel Albonetti! This is a focused, single-goal muscle-building program, just like Abel’s other 30-Day programs. But this time, the focus is squarely on your bis and tris.
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In four weeks, you’ll see a dramatic difference in the size and definition of your arms by using a combination of old-school favorites and cutting-edge mass-building techniques.

Today’s lifters usually don’t clock hours of training time on their arms, instead focusing on compound movements and maybe tacking on a few sets of isolation moves at the end of a workout. While this may be enough to build strength, it just isn’t enough volume to build seriously jacked arms.

30-Day Arms is programmed in the training style Abel himself has used to keep his arms growing for years. The workouts combine classic barbell, dumbbell, and cable exercises with new proven techniques for stoking your muscle-building fire. You’ll do intra-set stretching, tempo reps, and blood-flow restriction. You’ll do straight sets, supersets, and dropsets. You’ll give your arms the attention they need so that in four weeks, you’ll be the one getting attention.

Every workout is unique to keep you and your muscles engaged. Each routine is accompanied by a video in which Abel demonstrates the exercises and breaks down the volume, rest periods, and movements. Watch each video to understand the techniques (especially tricky ones like BFR) and do the workouts correctly for your best results.

| 30-Day Arms: The Schedule |
Every week, you’ll do one biceps workout, one triceps workout, and one superset workout that hammers both. This is a modular program meant to be combined with additional training—so no, it does not give you permission to skip leg day! You’ll keep doing your normal split, but tack these three workouts onto your program. Abel recommends doing bis on back day, tris on chest day, and giving the superset workout its own day.

You can build out the split with your favorite body-part workouts from other All Access programs. You might start feeling pretty worked after the first week or two, and at that point, it’s OK to scale back your other workouts slightly. Whatever you need to do to keep throwing your full potential behind your arm days!

By the end of 30 days, your arms will be transformed. At this point, you’ll have options. Switch to another one of Abel’s 30-Day programs—back, chest, shoulders, or abs—which follow similar protocols and will keep building your body, one part at a time. Or if you feel like you’re on a roll and really want to max out your arm gains, start 30-Day Arms again from the top. Whatever program you do next, consider a lower-volume rest week before you start again to give your body and nervous system a chance to recover. Then you’ll be ready to start again with fresh muscles and motivation at 100 percent.



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