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Work your abs harder and see that six pack faster with this…

Want to turn any ab workout into a supercharged abs workout capable of bringing the burn in a lot fewer reps? Then you better stop focusing on just the ab muscles that you can see and start paying attention to the ones you can’t. In this video, I show you an ab workout booster that you can use on every single ab exercise to make it instantly harder and at the same time, more effective.

Most people train their abs and worry only about getting from point a to point b. They don’t consciously contract their abdominal muscles and think that just completing the motion is all that is needed. This is incorrect. Beyond that, it’s not enough to just focus your contraction on your rectus abdominus. In order to get the most out of every rep in your ab workouts you have to learn to first contract the transverse abdominus muscle.

The transverse abdominus is the muscle that runs side to side and is positioned inferior and deeper than the rectus (the more popular 6 pack muscle). The role of this muscle is to act as an internal stabilizer of your abs and to cinch the waist tighter. You can contract this by imagining pulling your belly button into your spine, or thinking how you would react if you just suddenly stepped into an ice cold pool.

Once contracted, you have to hold the contraction the entire time that you perform every rep of your given ab exercise. The cool part about this is that it works on every single ab exercise that you do. If you like to do hanging ab exercises in your abs workouts, this will work with them. If you prefer to do ground based planks and other ab exercises in your 6 pack workouts, this will work with them as well. The key is that you can’t forget to contract this muscle and hold it or you are simply counting reps that won’t help as much as they can in the long run.

Now that said, if you want to develop an impressive set of six pack abs you obviously have to have your nutrition in check. No amount of exercise is going to show off those abs if you have a layer of fat covering them up. However, we don’t overlook that at athleanx. In fact, I provide you with the exact same ab revealing meal plan that I follow in my ATHLEAN-X Training System available at

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