A Walk and A Talk Episode 3 – Level Red Boxing

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A Walk and A Talk ® | Episode 3

Our host Celina Pompeani is joined by the incredible Susie Silko of Level Red Boxing in Pittsburgh, PA!

In this episode, learn more about the Level Red Boxing workout and what you can expect in your Level Red Boxing class.

Get a sneak peek of the Level Red Boxing workout with Coach Christine and Celina!

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Learn more about Level Red Boxing here:

*Walk Production’s first and foremost priority is the health and safety of all people. COVID safety measures and protocols were executed during the filming.

A Walk and A Talk®

A Walking Talk Show!

This isn’t like any talk show you’ve seen before…we are WALKING and TALKING! Get your steps in while learning something new, getting inspired, getting motivated about healthy lifestyle…make sure to follow the Walk Box while you watch!

Happy Walking!

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