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8 Easy steps

This is a very distinctive move in capoeira, is similar to a macaco but we take off different.

This tutorial will show u step by step capoeira and calisthenics conditioning so u can achieve it.

Remember always to warm up before any demanding physical activity.

Step 1
Au role
This step is similar to MACAQUINHO the difference is that we take off forwards instead of backwards. The idea is to condition the arm to be tucked by the hip section.

Step 2
Knee Drops

I’ve shown this exercise before the idea is to condition our legs to hold our bodyweight while dropping forward, the aim is to strengthen the hip area.

Step 3
Knee drops + Hand support

Same as previous step, the difference is we go straight into the hand placement, is a way to set up the exercise so you get used to drop into the hand.

Step 4
Knee drops to Cheat bridge.

Same principle as the previous steps, but here we go all the way down into cheat bridge, this is half of the move so work on it as much as u can.

Step 5
Cheat bridge to push up

The main objective is to work on control, raising from the bridge into the push up.

Step 6
Side drop

This is a crucial step, here is how to take off without taking off, is just working on the position and getting used to tuck ur arm, the aim is to control your body in that position with ease.

Step 7
Side exit

Similar to the previous step but the aim is to pass over the shoulder with the supporting leg, try going over the shoulder and elbow, be very careful to lose balance, you might injure your wrist if falling in the wrong way, so be patient and go slowly.

Step 8
Apply the previous 2 steps, but this time try kicking over with the opposite leg, remember you rotate over an axis being the arm and the elbow.

Remember to support your body both on the hands and the head.

Don’t skip steps, and work hard.

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