8 Best Weight Plate Exercises (HIT EVERY MUSCLE!!)

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Build a ripped athletic body with limited equipment here…

With these 8 best weight plate exercises you will never feel that you need access to lots of fancy equipment to get a great workout ever again. In this video, I cover my eight favorite weight plate exercises for building a better body. Of course, the moves were selected based on their ability to perform them best with a plate rather than a barbell or dumbbell.

The list of these 8 best exercises was chosen based on their ability to help you train more athletically while also hitting most every major muscle group in the body. You do not need to use a 45 lb plate to perform these exercises if you are just starting out. You can choose a 35 pound or 25 pound plate or even lighter, if you want to perform these exercises while lacking the strength to handle more.

The 8 best plate exercises are as follows: Plate hold farmers carries, the impossible plank, seated russian twists and press, static reverse lunge and press outs, plate 8’s, trap raises, woodchopper cross presses, and weighted extensions.

Each of these exercises was chosen for its ability to train your body in multiple planes while allowing many muscles to work together to get the job done. There is a hefty dose of core strength needed to perform these exercises as well. Any time you train athletically, this is going to be the case. In fact, I think this is one of those things that often times gets overlooked in many traditional workout plans and routines.

The plate hold farmer carry not only provides you with a conditioning challenge if done long enough, but gives your forearms and hands a workout for sure. Increase your grip strength and forearm size by performing this classic exercise with a pinch grip.

The plate 8 is a favorite of mine and has made its way into many athlean-x programs. This one hits the shoulders and delts from many different angles while forcing you to maintain a longer time under tension. Use the heaviest weight plate you can handle to really overload your delts and add some size to them.

The impossible plank is one of those moves that is a bit tough for a beginner but can be worked up to. If you cannot hold the position yet on your toes, simply drop down to your knees and start there. The idea is that by limiting the surface area of the points of upper body contact you are forcing your abs to contract even harder to stabilize your body.

Finally, the trap raises and lower back extensions are two exercises that train muscles that often times go overlooked because they are in the back (and not in the more easily seen and glorified beach muscles). Work to develop the size and strength of both of these areas of your back and your strength on your big lifts will improve dramatically. These are performed very nicely with the plate because of the natural grip and hand spacing as well as the ability to hold the plate tight to your center of gravity.

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