72 Year Old Guy Does Chin Ups

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Every time I heard people say “I am getting old” or “I am too old for this and that” I immediately think of this friend of mine.

MR.RMG 72 this year.
We workout in the same gym for the past 5 years.
Just like anyone back then he comes in overweight but he have this strong mindsets just like young fitness enthusiasts. He push hard knowing his limitation and sometimes he go beyond his limit! Today he is fit and jacked better than many young fellas out there!

Fyi, his son is Mr.Malaysia, Mr.MuscleMania, and Mr.Hong Kong Master Category Champ!
But he doesn’t go through any “Special” or “Secret” training. The thing I see within him is “Consistency”, I never see his absence more than a month in the gym! He is my inspiration!