7 Minute Triceps Workout (JUST DUMBBELLS!!)

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It is possible to build bigger triceps with a 7 minute triceps workout and a pair of dumbbells if you know how to do it. In this video, I’m going to show you the best triceps exercises you can do with a single set of dumbbells and it can be done anywhere. This is ideal for those that prefer to train at home or cannot get to a gym.

The key to why this tricep workout works as well as it does is due to the use of the right exercises to hit every head of the triceps as well as specific intensity principles. The mechanical drop set is one of those techniques. The point of the mechanical drop set is to not make the weight you are using the limiting factor in your ability to continue training the muscle.

For instance, if you were to do the first exercise in the workout which is the lying dumbbell extension to failure, you likely would not be able to do any more reps at that point. That is the definition of momentary muscular failure after all. That said, if you quickly changed the position of the dumbbells by varying the exercise, you could theoretically keep the reps coming. That is exactly what happens in this first combination.

The lying dumbbell triceps extension is performed to failure and then immediately following that the dumbbells are brought over the chest. This shortens the moment arm on the triceps and lets the weight that you are holding “feel” lighter. With this having occurred you can now rep out some close grip dumbbell presses from the floor and take your triceps even closer to exhaustion.

After you fail on this second half of the combo you earn a one minute rest. As soon as you’re done with that, change from the position of laying on your back and get up onto your knees in a tall kneeling position for the overhead dumbbell extensions. This is a brutal exercise because of the added stretch it places on the long head of the triceps. Be sure to keep your elbows pointed forward here however so as not to damage or aggravate the shoulder joint.

As soon as you have reached failure you are going to place the dumbbells on the floor and grab them as if you are going to perform a dip. The dumbbells help you to keep your wrists in a neutral position so that you can comfortably keep repping out more reps to failure once again. The great part about the dip and this combo in general is that now you get to put the long head of the triceps in it’s fully contracted position with the arm back behind the body.

Take another one minute rest here and then proceed to the final combination. Here you want to be leaning forward in a semi prone position for dumbbell kickbacks. Now if you find that the initial weight selected for the first exercise for triceps is too heavy then you may want to switch to a second pair of dumbbells that are a big lighter here. Perform the kickback and make sure you are keeping the elbow up behind the body.

When done with these immediately place the dumbbells on the floor and perform the close grip pushups. The dumbbells here once again allow you to perform the exercise with a neutral grip. Keep the elbows tucked tight to your sides and rep out one final time until you cannot perform another rep. You have the option to do this for another round or two if your triceps allow or if you have additional time.

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