6 Pullups in a Minute – 10 Times (WARNING: NOT EASY!)

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Can you do 6 pullups in one minute? Great. Now can you do that ten times in a row? Before you think to yourself that this sounds too easy, understand that we’re going to make it a challenge by manipulating the way you do pullups. In this pull up challenge you will have to do increasingly difficult versions of the pull up and see if you can complete all 60 in 10 minutes.

After a quick warmup, it is time to get to the action. Each of the pullup variations you do are going to be performed with a steady cadence until all 6 reps are completed. At this point, you will be able to rest for however much time remains in your one minute period. For instance, if it takes you 25 seconds to do the six reps of pullups, then you will earn 35 seconds of rest before you need to do the next pullup variation.

Keep a running stopwatch and be sure to start each new pullup at the top of the minute. You must complete the final 6 reps in one continuos fashion without dropping from the bar to rest in order to have successfully completed this challenge. Here are the exercises in order.

Standard Pullups – 6 reps
Commando Pullups – 6 reps
1 1/2 Pullups – 6 reps
Around the World Pull Ups – 6 reps
Plyo Pull Ups – 6 reps
Cyclone Pullups – 6 reps
Front Lever Pullups – 6 reps
One Arm Assisted Pull Ups – 3 reps each arm
Headbanger Pull Ups – 6 reps
Standard Pullups – 6 reps (5 seconds up and 5 seconds down)

Don’t let the simplicity of this back workout challenge fool you. The later pullups will catch up to you quickly if you don’t pace yourself during the earlier rounds. Do the challenge and see if you make it all the way to the end. Make sure to share this with a friend and dare them to try it as well. If you are really bold, make a video of you doing the 60 pullup challenge and post it here on youtube.

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