5 to 10 Minute WARM-UP/STRETCH before ANY EXERCISE! Warm up Routine By Vishal Prajapati | 2019

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Worm-up Routine

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This is the Complete Warmup Routine before without. These are full body stretching and warmup exercises before gym. Warmup is extremely important before you do your gym workout to prevent injuries and to increase the performance and mobility of joints. This full body warm up workout will help you to get the blood flow going and increase the heart rate.

If you are confused about how to warmup before gym or how to do warmup properly then these are the best warmup exercises and the best full body warmup routine. Complete stretching execises are important to keep the joints flexible and injury free.

Best Indian Fitness Youtuber by Vishal Prajapati 💪🏻❤💪🏻


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