5 Minute Home Ab Workout (KILLS ME EVERY TIME!)

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Whoever said that a home ab workout can’t be as intense as a gym ab workout just isn’t trying hard enough. In fact, without even changing your position on the floor, I can show you a 5 minute ab workout routine that you can do at home or in the gym that is super intense and challenging. With just five ab exercises that you are to perform each for one minute, you’ll find this to be the perfect way to put a serious burn in your core while still giving you a goal to shoot for.

The first exercise in this quick home ab workout routine is the see-saw. This take on the traditional body saw plank exercise is a great way to target the abs. You alternate a forward and backward saw motion with an up and down movement to really zero in on your abs. See if you can do this for the full one minute before moving onto the next exercise.

The second movement in this 5 minute home ab workout is the twisting piston. This explosive home ab exercise is the perfect way to pick up the tempo of the workout and start putting a serious test to your determination. Alternate right and left sided double knee tucks for a full 1 minute if you can, without letting your knees touch the floor. If you make it, proceed to the next ab exercise.

Next up is the same side shin touches. With your right hand, reach back and down to try and touch your right shin (while keeping your toes in contact with the floor). In order to perform this movement you will have to get an intense activation of your obliques on the same side. Feel the contraction and the burn in your obliques as you aim to complete alternating reps for the entire one minute period.

Moving on to the fourth minute, you’ll now have to try and complete 60 seconds of opposite side toe touches. This ab exercise involves you kicking your leg out while reaching across with your opposite arm and touching your toes. This is certainly not easy, but it is another explosive ab exercise that incorporates the rotational training aspect of the abs. Can you make it the entire minute without having to put your knees down.

By the fifth and final minute your core is likely to be on fire. This is exactly the point when most would want to quit and let their knees touch. Some will have already allowed that to happen. If you make it this far though, do everything in your power not to cave in and try to make it through this entire 5 minute home ab workout without touching. Let the burn go in and then out of your mind as you block out the pain in your abs and cross the 5 minute finish line.

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