5 Exercise Home Ab Workout (GREEN BAY STYLE!)

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Get a ripped six pack at home or on the road here…

A home ab workout is only effective if it’s something you can do at home. Makes sense right? Well, often times ab workouts at home lose their effectiveness because people think they have to be limited to no equipment at all. That’s not the case. In this video, I show you a home ab workout that uses not only the strength of your abs but your surroundings to get a killer core workout.

We’re doing this ab workout “green bay style”. As any fan of the Green Bay Packers would recognize, we’re breaking out the uniform numbers of the team’s top players to determine our rep scheme for the workout. If you are advanced, try and make it through each ab exercise without resting or breaking on your way to the goal reps. If you are really strong, try and repeat the circuit for another round or two.

The exercises in this home ab workout are:

Thread the Needles x 12 reps to each side (Aaron Rodgers #12)
Commando Knee Slide Tucks x 18 reps to each side (Randall Cobb #18)
Decline Twisting Pistons x 27 reps to each side (Eddie Lacy #27)
Cross Knee Suspension Planks x 56 reps to each side (Julius Peppers #56)
Hands Free Knee Tucks x 82 (Richard Rodgers #82)

You will see that not only can this ab workout be done at home but it can also be done on the road as well. In fact, I’m in a hotel room in Tennessee getting this core challenge in and I don’t have much to work with. Using just a couple of queen beds, I’m able to crush my abs and get in the workout I need even with not much time to spare.

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