5 Biggest Arms Workout Lessons Learned (HOW HE DID IT!)

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If your arms workouts are not delivering the kind of gains that you want, it’s time to see if there are any mistakes you might be making that are holding you back. In this video, I’m going to share with you the 5 biggest arms workout lessons learned by Jesse that has allowed him to add a significant amount of muscle to his biceps and triceps in very little time.

First and foremost was the amount of intensity that he has been able to increase in his workouts. You cannot stop your sets at the first sign of discomfort and expect to see significant muscle gains, despite what your new pubmed article says. Adding muscle is not easy. It never will be. Your body will attempt to thwart your efforts to add new muscle at every turn. In order to force it to get bigger you have to attack your workouts with an intensity worthy of making gains.

Jesse stopped stopping his sets at the sign of the first burn and instead started pushing to and through failure. He used intensifying techniques such as drop sets, paused reps and even rest pause training as ways to keep the effort level high. The returns have been significant. With just this one change, he has seen significantly increased arm size and is now actually starting to enjoy the higher intensity training that he once hated.

Next, he changed the way he lifted on his curls to include full range of motion. You have probably heard the advice many times before but have ignored it for some reason. I can tell you, it is incredibly important for seeing impressive muscle gains and may even require that you lower the weight that you are using a little bit to get a better contraction. On his standing dumbbell curls, Jesse stopped rocking his arms back and forth with his locked out elbows and instead took every rep to full extension and contraction. The results have been noticeable.

Taking this concept of arm workout exercise execution even further, the change to the rocking triceps pushdown has been a difference maker in the development of his arms. Instead of pushing straight up and down as most do on the triceps pushdown exercise, Jesse has used the rocking version that I showed here on this channel before that allows him to better match the line of resistance with the force being produced by the triceps during the exercise. Once again, the change was small but the results have been huge.

Again, taking a muscle through its key functions is critical to getting a full contraction. The biceps chin hold is one of the best ways to train your bicep muscle because of the position you are in during the exercise. Your elbows are not only bent but your forearms are supinated (both requirements of a peak bicep contraction). Beyond that however, your shoulders are flexed as your arms are up in front of your body. This again will create a huge contraction while at the same time eccentrically overloading the biceps and prompting even a greater hypertrophy response.

Finally, the key attitude difference has made a huge impact on the speed of gains that Jesse has been making with his arms workouts. If you go into the gym looking over your shoulder and worrying about who is casting glares your way, you will likely not have a successful workout. Instead, stop thinking about that and being self conscious. Focus on what you are there to do that day and do your best to get stronger and improve your performance from the last time. The second you do, the sooner you will see gains that you never knew you were capable of.

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