5 Best At-Home Shoulder Exercises | Troy Adashun of SuperHuman You

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Troy Adashun shares with you the 5 best bodyweight shoulder exercises that you can do from home with no equipment!
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This no equipment shoulder workout from home will consist of 5 shoulder exercises that will grow bigger shoulders and hit all 3 deltoid heads. It is really important that you focus on time under tension to maximize the results from these at home shoulder workouts. The best at home workouts use advanced tactics to place overload and tension on the targeted muscle, and that is exactly what you get in today’s at home shoulder routine. Try this no weights home shoulder workout 2-3x per week to grow big shoulders!

00:00 – Intro
01:15 – Pike Push-Ups
02:04 – Delt Flutters
03:31 – Rear Delt Floor fly
04:59 – Up, Up, And Away
05:48 – Pseudo Planche Lean
07:14 – Final Thoughts


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