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These at home workouts are designed to make you a stronger and more fit version of yourself. When you do not have a gym membership or you simply cannot make it to the gym, you still have time to get that work!

In this video, I’m will be showing you a simple but effective 30 minute workout you can complete with me within the confinements of your own home. Or you can hit the park, basketball or tennis court. IT DOESNT MATTER! You can even add more difficulty by doing these workouts on the beach. Always CHALLENGE YOURSELF! This workout routine will hit your entire upper body and tomorrow you will burn more than ever!

Whether your goals are to build muscle or lose weight, you don’t necessarily have to ever enter a gym. However, to truly be effective in accomplishing your goals, you must be consistent in whatever you are doing. You can also use this perfect home workout paired with a few other follow along bullyjuice workout on the channel to get you where you want to be!

In this his perfect upper body home workout you will not only see the exercises, but I will also be working out along side you as your personal virtual trainer! Get it popsugar style! I will push you to finish strong! PLEASE do not give up on me!

This home workout is going to allow you to hit your total body (upper body) in only 30 minutes! And you will receive a great pump! Make your body project a priority today! You don’t need an excessively long pointless workout and the potential of doing too much without any specific guidelines. This selection of exercises based on movement patterns that you will be able to do any and everywhere.

COMPLETE this 30 min workout 1-3 times for (TOTAL WORKOUT TIME: 30-90 MINUTES)

THIS FOLLOW ALONG WORKOUT WILL INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING EXERCISES: Jumping jacks to start the workout and warm the body up, windmills to get the core warmed up as well, squats to warm up as well, superman for that back, which is a great back exercise, planks plus plank ups, rest breaks because 0 rest usually equals zero growth, imaginary, arm circles(or rotations whichever you prefer) to get those shoulders burning, push ups and more pushups to get a bigger chest, side planks, pike presses for the shoulders! SELF is the only way!