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In this 30 minute workout routine, I will be taking you guys along for a heckuva ride! Just grab a dumbbell, water bottle, backpack, or brick and FOLLOW ME! It’s going DOWN!


Similar to my no equipment workouts, I will be showing you each and every exercises and working out along side you as your personal virtual trainer! So don’t give up on me! Lets get to the gains!

This video will include the following exercise:
Squats of course for those thick legs we are trying to build! Bigger legs is a must! As well as dumbbell floor presses to simulate the dumbbell bench. Shoulder presses, bunny hops, lateral dumbbell raises, front raises, sit-ups, renegade rows as well as dumbbell rows on your knee’s. Bicep curls for the girls! I mean for bigger arms! As well as some tricep extensions, hammer curls, many more!


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