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This full body resistance bands workout will hit many muscles in 30 minutes. I almost didn’t post this video. I Recorded it a couple months back, and you may/may not be able to tell how sluggish I was moving but I didn’t feel so good on this day. When i started going through the footage I didn’t like my form so much or my over all energy throughout the video. However, I decided to post it anyway. Proof that I too am a human! We all may have off days. Goal is to be ON way more than you’re OFF! So with that being said, ENJOY!

In this video, I’m going to show you a follow a long resistance workout you can complete with me within the confinements of your home. This workout routine will hit your entire body and make you sweat more than ever! Build muscle and burn fat without a gym! However, to be effective in accomplishing your goals, you can use this perfect home workout paired with a few other follow along workouts on the bullyjuice channel to get you where you want to be!

COMPLETE this 30 min workout 1-2 times for (TOTAL WORKOUT TIME: 30-60 MINUTES)

THIS FOLLOW ALONG WORKOUT WILL INCLUDE EXERCISES THAT WILL HIT THE FOLLOWING MUSCLES: biceps, triceps, back muscles, chest, legs, abs, shoulders, etc!


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