3 Things You Need To Know About Building Muscle w/ Resistance Bands | James Grage

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Whether you train with resistance bands, free weights, or machines, you need to understand the triggers for hypertrophy, or building muscle.
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When we talk about “how to build muscle” there is more than progressive overload, or lifting heavier and heavier. These are the core principles that are ofter overlooked, which could be robbing you of your gains.

0:18 Muscle Hypertrophy
0:26 The Triggers for Protein Synthesis
1:28 Muscle Building Trigger #1: Mechanical Tension
3:40 Time Under Tension (TUT)
5:38 Muscle Building Trigger #2: Metabolic Stress
6:30 Difference between Lactic Acid and Lactate – What is the Muscle Burn
7:40 Building Muscle on a Keto or Low Carb Diet
8:45 Occlusion Training and Anaerobic Glycolosis
10:09 Tips for a Better Muscle Pump and How the Pump Triggers Hypertrophy
12:15 Why I Prefer Resistance Bands for Building Muscle
12:53 Muscle Building Trigger #3: Muscle Damage and Microtrauma
14:00 Protein Synthesis for Muscle Repair vs Muscle Building
15:30 Eccentric Training or Doing Negatives for Building Muscle

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