21 DAYS OF STRENGTH | Day 8 – Legs

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Welcome to day 8 of my 21 days of strength challenge! Every day for 21 days I’ll be posting a strength based workout focusing on a different part of the body. See if you can stay with me for the full 21 days.

We’re back to legs again today. For this workout I’m using a set of Kettlebells.

1. Front squats 10 reps x 3 rounds
2. KB swings 15 reps x 3 rounds
3. Briefcase lifts 10-12 reps x 2
4. Curtsey lunges 10-12 reps x 2
5. Sumo squats 15 reps x 2 rounds
6. RDLs 15 reps x 1 round

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