12 Reasons your diet may not be working

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Video Notes

1.Your not eating enough! When you don’t give your body enough fuel, not only are you not getting enough nutrients to support your increased activity level, but your body goes into what some call Starvation mode.
2.You “Treat yourself” for exercising.
3.You’ve cut carbs too low.
4.You followed a plan that worked for your friend
5.You followed a plan that you didn’t like
6.SNEAKY Calories. You’re eating foods that you think are good for 7.you but you’re really downing 800 calories and you don’t even know it. But thats a whole other post in itself.
8.You’re not tracking your food intake. write down what you eat. it keeps you accountable and aware.
9.you’re eating healthy foods. But wayyyyy tooooo much of it. for example. a lot of people eat fruit all day and think that they’re “eating healthy”.. NO!!! EHHH!!! a bowl of grapes is low key probably 500 calories. and yes your will gain weigh if you add a extra 500 calories. its calories out versus calories in. and that includes healthy calories. lol..
10.You piss away your progress on the weekends. Monday thru friday diets don’t work. Heres a good tip. have your cheat meal during the week. preferably late in the week. Make the weekends the no slip up zone. your inhibitions are usually lower on the weekend, its as slippery slope
11.You don’t give yourself a weekly sensible cheat meal.
You’re thinking that your not making progress because the scale did say so.
12. Because “DIETs” don’t work.. not if you want to keep the weight off at least. Instead of thinking of it as a diet. Just figure out a way to eat according to what your goals are
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