10 Minute Leg Workout (METABOLIC MASSACRE!)

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This 10 minute leg workout will bring you to your knees quickly. The effectiveness of this three exercise circuit is that it has a cumulative metabolic training effect that is perfect for testing your will while also training your legs athletically. If you want to train like an athlete, you need to include ground based leg exercises (not leg extensions) and get your hips and legs to work together as they should.

This requires good hip mobility as well as proper loading mechanics through the quads. The exercises of choice here are the barbell front squat, reverse dumbbell lunge (which provides a critical unilateral exercise option as well) and the grueling “walk the box”. The goal is to proceed through each of the three leg exercises without resting.

Each of the exercises is performed with a slightly different loading pattern. This acts as a mechanical drop set that enables you to keep going even when fatigue sets in and mounts. The first exercise, the barbell front squat, is capable of being loaded the heaviest of the three. In this particular video and workout, with the Uso’s and Sheamus preparing to wrestle later that night, we opted to keep it on the lighter side. This is the spot however that the heavier leg exercise could be performed and would be done in the 6 to 8 rep range.

Next up is the dumbbell reverse lunge. The reverse lunge provides for an effective stress on the quads due to the upright positioning of the torso while saving the knees (particularly for those who have patellar tendonitis and other knee inflammation). You want to perform 10-12 reps on each leg in alternating fashion here making sure to drop back deep enough to keep the quads on the front leg loaded up.

Finally, once again without rest, proceed to the “walk the box” exercise. This is deceptively hard. It looks like a simple bodyweight leg exercise that requires you only have to walk in a square a few times. That said, placed at this point in the circuit and throw in the added requirement of having to keep your arms overhead and therefore test your thoracic mobility and extension, this one can be brutal.

The goal here is to stay as low as you can without compromising the positioning of your spine. This will be difficult, especially as you fatigue in your quads. Next, you want to make sure that you are aware of the mobility of your hips as you do these. Don’t just slide from left to right or front to back. Instead, aim to open up the hips and externally rotate them with the step backs and step forwards. Loosen up the groin and sink deep into the hips with each step and with each susequent round to reap the most benefits from this exercise.

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